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Who… we are


The graphic design studio Valentina Cresti & Associates, founded by Valentina Cresti in 2016 in Siena, has quickly reached high experience and prestige level within the wine industry and other design sectors. It constantly collaborates with an international renowned industrial design firm and a winery who has grew up with the studio. The studio, thanks to this cooperation, acquired a know-how that has allowed it to reach the top levels of label design sector in Italy.

Known as “innovators”, also according to the prestigious “LABEL OF THE YEAR” award at Vinitaly 2017, Valentina Cresti & Associates has reinterpreted the evolution of contemporary wine world, by creating a personal, strategic and winning graphic image for each product.

A youth, but highly specialized, team is now able to help companies with his professional skills in many different fields of design, from label design (not only for wine), to packaging, to branding and corporate image projects, up to advisory services.

The studio gained a remarkable know-how working on complex communication projects and, today, it commits to understand the individual reality of clients, following the work from the initial briefing discussion to the end. Each project starts with an effective analysis of market positioning, in order to understand the reference market of the product; then, trough an accurate research phase, we identify the best design solutions, dedicating attention to all the steps.


The goal of Valentina Cresti & Associates is to make the product image the preponderant part of its success: in this sense, it is useful to understand its history and peculiarities, in order to create a direct link between the territory and the company. The knowledge of the tasting notes is also fundamental: it is not imaginable how much the tasting moment can be important, considering that it can be translated into colors, shapes and images… all these inputs are finally summarized in a few centimeters of paper, that must be able to attract and fascinate the consumer, who will finally complete his experience with the product tasting.

Valentina Cresti & Associates’s team realizes each project with the awareness that having an attractive “look”, that intrigues the customer, is undoubtedly important. In fact, it is essential to consider the aesthetic aspect the principal and distinction factor for the product: it always needs to be recognizable within a dotted market, where goods live a constant competition.

Our studio see each project as a new challenge, researching and analyzing the most creative and strategic solutions, during the design and analysis phase and the implementation one, making use of a wide range of collaborators selected for reliability and skills.


Valentina Cresti & Associates considers the label as the dress of the product: you can follow a specific style (or not), but anyhow the product should be the main character. “Every product is unique as every human being, with its character, its personality, its soul… and as each person, the product wears a dress that permit to identify it: our work is to create the suite that represents it in his best way. We are sure that communication design is an indispensable investment for every successful commercial and marketing strategy”.

Each project should include a numerous range of values, dreams and emotions, that represent the perfect mix between historical tradition, business style and territorial evocation.

The principal work of the designer is to identify a strong and decisive sign, the aesthetic concept at the base of the project, and transfer it into the image of the product, making it tangible, effective and sexy. The product appearance is also emphasized and embellished through the print details.

The label represents the permanent storytelling through which the company describes itself and its product in an effective and winning way. Today there is a high visual competition among products and it is easy to understand how our work must necessarily play an important role, doing creative research and analysis. Our aim is to create the sign that – through its beauty and recognizability – represents the winning factor of commercial success and image, and not a mere stylistic exercise. This sign is an absolute value that must persist in memory, over time.